Pasta Carbonara

Pair this dish with a light Italian red wine, and you're all set for date night. The rich creamy sauce with bits of bacon, however, is also easy enough to make on a busy weeknight. Pantelligent helps you keep the temperature low and steady so the cheese doesn't burn and the egg yolk in the sauce achieves the perfect creamy consistency that just sticks to the pasta. Remember you're making a sauce not scrambled eggs! Add a fresh salad to this Pasta Carbonara, and it'll have you saying: Buon appetito!

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Don’t just take our word for it.

Hands-on, third-party testing keeps turning once-skeptical reviewers into Pantelligent believers:

The results are fantastic. I’ve made eggs, salmon, risotto, seared tuna, and steak using Pantelligent’s recipes, and everything turned out delicious.”
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“The Pantelligent helped me produce perfectly seared salmon, buttery grilled-cheese sandwiches and a decent mushroom risotto by providing real-time feedback…”
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“With its pink, juicy center, I might even go as far to say it was cooked almost perfectly… Overall, we’ll call Pantelligent a success.”
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