Steak is simplicity at its best. If you have a quality piece of meat there is no need to dress it up with sauces, rubs, or complicated cooking techniques. All you need to cook the perfect steak at home is a piping hot pan, salt, pepper (and good temperature control of course!).

A steakhouse quality steak will have a flavor packed crust and the interior cooked just the way you like it. The best part is the same quality cut can belong on a menu in a 5 star restaurant, or in a backyard get together. No matter how you eat it, every bite is always memorable.

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Hands-on, third-party testing keeps turning once-skeptical reviewers into Pantelligent believers:

The results are fantastic. I’ve made eggs, salmon, risotto, seared tuna, and steak using Pantelligent’s recipes, and everything turned out delicious.”
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“The Pantelligent helped me produce perfectly seared salmon, buttery grilled-cheese sandwiches and a decent mushroom risotto by providing real-time feedback…”
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“With its pink, juicy center, I might even go as far to say it was cooked almost perfectly… Overall, we’ll call Pantelligent a success.”
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