Great steak and salmon?
With Pantelligent, it’s a cinch.

How do we do it?

Cutaway cross-section of Pantelligent showing sensor and electronics.

It has a temperature sensor inside.

The electronics talk to our app.

Screenshot of Pantelligent app, focused on live temperature data.

The app monitors the temperature.

Animation of Pantelligent app giving instructions to flip a piece of salmon.

So you know when to flip.

When to stir or add ingredients.

When to adjust the heat on your stove.

And when you’re done.

Works on any gas or electric stove. You adjust the heat.

Or, connect optional accessories to let Pantelligent’s Autopilot control the heat — automatically, hands-free.

Either way, dinner is a snap because you cook better when you control the temperature.

Autopilot can adjust the heat by itself.

If you desire the convenience of fully automatic temperature control, it’s already built-in.

If you can handle a spatula, you’re all set.

Pantelligent is an intelligent cooking tool that controls cooking temperature & time.

Choose what you’re making
and how you like it.

Our app uses data from the pan to adjust the recipe in real-time — just like a seasoned chef.

As you cook, get on-screen
and spoken notifications.

Just like a GPS.

Pantelligent monitors the cooking so you don’t have to.

Controlling the temperature critically affects your meal:

Temperature vs. Time graph of cooking salmon without the help of Pantelligent.

WITHOUT Pantelligent, burnt & soggy salmon.

Temperature vs. Time graph of cooking salmon with the help of Pantelligent.

WITH Pantelligent, crispy crust, moist & flaky interior.

Smart Recipes Know the Temperature

Smart recipes automatically adjust for cooking time and temperature.

Download the free Pantelligent app to see all recipes.

A collage of some of the recipes available on the Pantelligent iOS and Android apps.

Detailed Prep Steps

Each recipe has clear, easy-to-follow instructions.

Simple salmon recipe prep steps for Pantelligent.

Accurately Control Your Stove

Improve your own recipes with Pantelligent’s “Freestyle Mode” for a reliable sear, sautée, or simmer.

Pantelligent's Freestyle Mode

Built to Last

Pantelligent’s electronics are protected from heat, water, and abuse by our patent-pending manufacturing process.

Every pan is individually programmed, calibrated, tested, and re-tested — and then completely covered by our warranty.

Try Pantelligent for 60 Days

If you don’t like it, just send it back and we’ll give you a full refund.

Enjoying a meal with Pantelligent

How big is Pantelligent?

Pantelligent is a 12-inch non-stick cast aluminum frying pan. It weighs about 2.5 pounds.

Will my smartphone/tablet work with Pantelligent?

Pantelligent works on most iPhones, iPads and Android phones and tablets. Click here to check if your model is supported.

Will Pantelligent work on my stove?

Pantelligent works on all gas and electric stovetops, which represent 95%+ of households in the U.S. It is not compatible with induction stovetops.

Will Pantelligent automatically adjust the heat?

On a normal stove, Pantelligent's app asks you to adjust the heat up or down as needed. But, if you connect optional third-party accessories, Pantelligent's Autopilot will control a compatible heat source — automatically.

Does Pantelligent use batteries?

Pantelligent includes two standard AAA batteries which will last 12-18 months. They are protected from heat and water inside the handle and can be easily replaced.

How long does the non-stick surface last?

Under normal use, the PFOA-free non-stick surface will give 3-5 years of easy cooking & cleaning. This is longer than other pans because temperature tracking and thicker pan design let you avoid the extreme hotspots that cause coatings to wear.

Does Pantelligent measure the temperature inside the food?

No. It measures the precise temperature at the top of the cooking surface where the food touches the pan. Our algorithm figures out the rest.

How can it control the food’s internal temperature?

Our app uses the pan’s temperature to calculate how much heat is flowing into your food.

Can I put Pantelligent in the dishwasher or oven?

No and no. Pantelligent is easily cleaned with soap and sponge.

Why can’t it go in the dishwasher?

The batteries and electronics in the handle are waterproofed and stay at room temperature during stovetop cooking. But heated dry in the dishwasher heats up the handle just like an oven does, which may reduce battery life.

Where can I buy Pantelligent?

You will always find the best deals on Pantelligent directly on this website.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Hands-on, third-party testing keeps turning once-skeptical reviewers into Pantelligent believers:

The results are fantastic. I’ve made eggs, salmon, risotto, seared tuna, and steak using Pantelligent’s recipes, and everything turned out delicious.”
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“The Pantelligent helped me produce perfectly seared salmon, buttery grilled-cheese sandwiches and a decent mushroom risotto by providing real-time feedback…”
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“With its pink, juicy center, I might even go as far to say it was cooked almost perfectly… Overall, we’ll call Pantelligent a success.”
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