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“The Magical Talking Pan”

Our first test of it we got three 16 oz New York Strip steaks of slightly varying thickness cooked medium rare. I cooked one, my roommate cooked one, and my buddy who was visiting cooked one as well each of us following the pan’s instructions… They were perfect. My roommate who had just been to a steakhouse and paid $60+ for a steak, said ours were better than the steakhouse.


I kept it at 375 and followed the instructions (even though I kept thinking it was turned down way too low), and when it was finished the salmon was cooked PERFECTLY. I have used it several times since, including 2 thick ribeye steaks, and each time it comes out perfectly cooked. I have been telling anyone that will listen, this is an ingenious pan.

After 1 month…

I have used 4 of the recipes: Steak, scallops, salmon and risotto. The steak is my favorite and it consistently produces meals far above and beyond the restaurants in my area. I have used it on everything from london broil, chuck, ny strip, t-bone, ribeye, and wagyu. I have saved a lot of money by cooking myself and simple salt pepper preparation is my favorite.

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The Pantelligent helped me produce perfectly seared salmon, buttery grilled-cheese sandwiches and a decent mushroom risotto by providing real-time feedback…

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The results are fantastic. I’ve made eggs, salmon, risotto, seared tuna, and steak using Pantelligent’s recipes, and everything turned out delicious.

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The 25 Best Inventions of 2015… The food speaks for itself.

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With its pink, juicy center, I might even go as far to say it was cooked almost perfectly… Overall, we'll call Pantelligent a success.

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I became a believer after Pantelligent helped me (posing as a kitchen klutz) create a perfectly cooked, and tasteful, blackened tilapia.

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Syncs up to an app that will tell you literally everything. This is idiot-proof cooking.

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It simply knows how to prepare things better than you do. Don’t be ashamed.

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A smart frying pan, something with the brains to think and communicate… A really neat solution to a widespread problem.

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Genuinely useful… It can tell you the precise temperature of the pan.

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So why don’t we measure temperature when we cook on our stovetop like we do in the oven? The high-temperature sensor is embedded inside the pan…

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Check the exact temperature inside your salmon, steak or whatever else you’ve got sizzling and let’s you know when it’s ready…

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Its cookbook-style app provides step-by-step instructions on masterfully preparing almost anything you’d slap on a griddle… The app offers real-time heat and ingredient information about your meal-in-progress — you'll even get a notification when it’s flipping time.

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Real meals cooked by our customers:

Real recipe reviews from our customers:

“It came out better than a lot salmon I've had at up scale restaurants!”

“I cooked four eggs and they came out perfect!! I am so excited! :-)”

“This recipe is easy and it makes perfect eggs every time”

“Was excellent! Perfect on the outside and juicy on the inside!”

“Fantastic! It simply works! 😎”


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Can make anyone into an accomplished cook.

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You enter information about your meal (like thickness of meat and approximate weight), and push notifications will tell you everything from when to start cooking to when to flip.

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A Perfectly Cooked Meal Every Time… Perfect for someone trying to get a family recipe just right.

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It’s non-stick, it’s self-contained, it’s very very clever, and this is what happens when you let MIT engineers into the kitchen.

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Top 10 Inventions of 2015… More people will skip unhealthy processed meals in favor of home-cooked ones.

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